Mummy Yumcha

Finally, after the few challenges, we then tried to get into the house.

But the gate was locked!!!! The sisters and aunties insisted that we pay them RM99999 before they unlock the door.

As usual… the guys will get into the house eventually.. and Jed finally met his wife.

Jacklyn then bid goodbye to her parents… “mummy daddy.. tengkiu ah.. raise me until now ah… take care ah… byebye… i go Jed’s house lu…. weeee~!”

Then off we went again to Jed’s house for tea ceremony.

Mum, dad and all the relatives sat there one by one for the tea.

When that’s done, we took some time to camho.. lol then again we went all the way back to Jacklyn’s house for tea ceremony part 2.

Jacklyn’s mummy say “aiyah… wat hug hug just now… see! you come back here again… nah… take la this gold necklace…”




  1. Tian Chad

    How much did u guys pay then?

    smashpOp Replies:

    forgot liao ahahaha i was busy taking fotos anyway

    TIan Chad Replies:

    Photo is more important ;p

  2. Jen

    hahahha jac’s dialogue with her parents sounds like she’s going shopping or something wtf.

    smashpOp Replies:

    yalo.. like cincai oni aha

  3. hitomi

    so Funny the dialogue!! yea yea…how much u guys paid??

    smashpOp Replies:

    dono wor i was taking fotos

    hitomi Replies:

    surely Not your money la!! Haha…last time My friend married, all the heng dais must surrender their watches, hps, wallets, credit cards lol

  4. annna

    haha.. jacklyn and her mum’s dialogue very cute!

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