My alpha

What happened to my Panazonic FZ5? … wat else.. SOLD! haha

what now?

Let’s welcome the arrival of my new baby, the Sony Alpha A-100 dSLR.

In my previous post about Sony alpha launch(scroll down to view it), I stated that there were 2 packages.

body + 18-70mm kit lens, or body + 18-70mm kit lens + 75-300mm zoom lens.

well, i didnt get any of them.

instead, I bought the body.. n i seperately bought a 18-200mm lens.

It’s sort of like a combination of the kit lens n the zoom lens lah… so its more expensive.

this is a pic of the alpha body + lens

Thanks Albert for taking these pics.

Back view.

I actually have another pic that i took in Sony wings.

This is the pic that i showed ppl before i buy the alpha.. hehe

nice view.. lol

So u might wonder how do i hold it to take photos…

There, thanks Albert again for this pic.

So here u go… the story of me n my alpha. 🙂

*its a KM rebadge. don need to tell me anymore. I know.


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