My Biggest Screen At Home

As you know, I’m always out and about, at events.. meeting friends.. take photos.. recording podcast and stuff.
So some might be wondering if I do ever stay at home and just watch TV. Well, yes I do. lol

Here’s how it’s like in my living room.

My SHARP Aquos is right in the middle of my hall with my favorite tile wallpaper behind it. As a person who loves gadgets, I can say that this is my biggest gadget.. or rather.. the gadget with the biggest screen. Haha. Love the 52″ of pure HD display showing all the pores on a person’s face or the rays of the sun on the sea.

So what kinda shows do I watch? Usually I’ll just switch the HD channels and watch some super clear and hi-resolution shows like this one. It was Thor on HBO yo!
Oh not forgetting my favorite chocolate tidbits to munch away while I m watching my fav movie 😀

Since the TV is in the living hall, I spend most of the time watching it with my parents. Dad loves watching sports programs and my mum is addicted to the TVB series. I’m ok with any shows actually so I’ll just join them while they enjoy their favorite programmes.

What do I like about my SHARP Aquos? Very simple. I love the illuminated logo at the bottom of the TV that indicates that it is switched on. Oh I also quite like the touch controls at the bottom right of the TV.

The colours on this thing is really amazing. It’s probably due to the new technology on this SHARP Aquos as every pixels are of the 4 main colours, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. It has 3D too!

OK gotta go sleep now. Will share more soon. CYA!


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