My photos, files, songs and docs are always with me on Skydrive

Hello all! I’m sure you guys have seen my Harry Potter Premiere + Red carpet photos from London right?

I was there with some bloggers from other countries like Thailand, The Philippines and Singapore.

When we came back to our respective countries, we were discussing on how to share the photos we took in London with one another.. til we found out that there’s a super easy way to share photos and files among us!

It’s called Windows Skydrive.

It’s a free service and if you have a Windows Live ID, you will get it too. Like how I can access the Skydrive from my Hotmail. It’s just at the top navigation which is easily accessible… OR you can just go to

So from there I clicked on “share photos” and I am already creating an online folder which I can upload photos from my computer and share it with my friends. Uploading is actually a lot faster than I expected. Goood stuff.

But of course I can set the permissions to allow who I wanna share it with. Just drag the slider or if you wanna share it with just 1 person, add the email address and you are done.

My HARRY POTTER RED CARPET PHOTOS! Ahhhaha So excited. Yea as you can see they are uploading and they were all original photos ok… about 5mb each. The uploading took only about 1-2 minutes. Amazing.

So apart from sharing files and photos on Skydrive, I also stumbled upon this thing called Web Apps. It’s like your Microsoft Office but online.

I can quickly create a word file or powerpoint or excel easily without even having the program on my computer. ITS FREE OMGGGGGG!

See how I’m typing an article for my blog at online with this Microsoft Word which I can access anywhere (this also means I don’t need to carry my documents with my when I travel around town.)

Preparing my article. Hehehehe… you can check out the article in on DiscovrpOp. It’s up already.

So yea it works like a charm. Other than Word files, I also create powerpoint files there too!

So yea.. that’s Windows Live Skydrive and Web Apps… 2 super awesome FREE stuff for you to use and explore yo!



  1. ken

    skydrive has been around for quite some time already right? been using since few years back i think.. hehe.. 🙂

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