My Gadget In The Car Is More Than A Gadget In The Car

As you all know, I have a little gadget in my car. It’s long. It’s black. It’s thick. Now if you still don’t know what it is, well, some people call it the SHARP Ion Plasmacluster.

I’ve talked about it before. Told you guys how it works and why it is such an awesome gadget. Today, I shall spill the beans on why I love this Ion Plasmacluster so much not because it cleans the air in my car… but something else that happens everyday. Shall we begin? (always wanted to say this phrase.. not sure which movie its from.. hmm)

Yes, the main purpose of the SHARP Ion Plasmacluster is of course to produce clean air in the confined space of a car, eliminated germs, bacterias and dirt that lingers around in the car while I am drive up n down the city. I can’t imagine how would I breath without this thing cos the air seem to be quite yucky.

Now with all the criminal and robbery cases in the country, it is always better to equip ourselves with some sort of weapon. We all have steering locks right? Well, if the robber is beside you then you can of course use the steering lock to hit them. What if he is far away? Simple. Unplug the SHARP Ion Plasmacluster and throw it at his head! WHAM! Faint. LOL Well.. just saying. Let’s just hope this gadget only serves as cleaning the air.

This gadget’s got swag. In other words, it’s cool. Being a techy person, it’s always cool to have a gadget in the car with me everywhere I go. Feels like Iron Man like that.

Boys, if you want chics, get this SHARP Ion Plasmacluster.
Girls, if you want guys, do the same. I tell you, it’s a magnet for attention yo! You know what I mean lah. 😀

Often times, when you are fetching a friend home or a colleague to lunch, you may run out of topic to talk and the ambience in the car will feel very awkward. NOT ANYMORE! With this new gadget in the car, you can always go like “oh btw.. have you checked out my SHARP Ion Plasmacluster?”

Click below to watch a video of me and the Plasmacluster.


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