My HTC Cha Cha Is So Smurfingly Chatastic!

Apparently it’s nice to use the word ‘Smurf’ as a descriptive word in my sentences. Probably cos I got influenced by the Smurfs movie I watched 2 days ago. Haha..

Anyways, I’ve got myself the HTC Cha Cha 2 weeks ago.. the day before I went to Hongkong. It’s quite an awesome phone I’d say.

This is how it looks like. So what’s great about the Cha Cha? It runs on Android, has an awesome full qwerty keyboard and a touchscreen! To top it all off, the HTC Cha Cha has a dedicated Facebook button! hahahah amazing for Facebook addicts like u me and erm.. everyone else.

It’s really easy posting stuff to Facebook now that there’s a dedicated button to do so. Just press it, type your status messages and BOOM! Sent!

This is the Facebook button Im talking about. So convenient.

The button doesnt just allow users to post statuses… we can also check in on Facebook! Just press and hold the button and the Places screen will appear.

See how I post photos to my wall as well? If you like a photo in your gallery, just press the Facebook button. Thats it.

This is how the Facebook status message compose screen looks like. You will see this right after you press the “F’ button.

Posting videos works the same way.

As well as posting a link. When you are viewing a website, press the Facebook button and BOOM! You know what I mean. 🙂



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