My Journey To HongKong Disneyland: Amazing Hotels They Have

As you all know, I just came back from my trip to Hongkong Disneyland just a while ago. It was such a memorable trip cos it was my first time experiencing the
luxury of staying at one of the hotels at Disneyland.

In this post, I will talk about the 2 hotels that we frequent a lot, and another post to talk about the rides at Disneyland itself.

This was the hotel we stayed in. Disney’s Hollywood hotel. I really like the interior style of it cos everything seem to be like what we saw in those 80’s Hollywood movies.

Check out the lift! When we were going up to our rooms after checking in, I started to feel like I am really in Disney world cos everything is Mickey related! Just look at the elevator buttons and you will understand.

This was our room! So awesome we got 2 queen sized bed for mum and I.

The deco on the wall! Mickey and Minnie leaving their handprints on the Avenue of Stars.

At midnight, Mum and I actually walked out into the park and swimming pool area and we were delighted to find out that they play some really nice ambience music there!

Shot these glowing Mickeys from the park.

Most of our meals are at the other hotel which is the main one, called Disneyland Hotel. This photo was shot behind the hotel where it was facing the sea. The grasses you see in the photo was actually a maze and it’s got an awesome name called Mickey Maze. Awesome!

This was how the lobby looked like.

The interior makes it look very castle-ish yet clean and pleasant to hang around.

Our breakfast was at the Disneyland Hotel’s Enchanted Garden restaurant. According to my mum, it was a very enjoyable breakfast as the food was of high quality and most important of all, the Disney characters will roam around the restaurant to take photos with everyone!

Oh look! Pluto and I!

Goofy came by to take photos with us too! It’s like we were having breakfast in fantasy world lol.



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