My Journey To Nokia Connection In Singapore

Back in June, I was invited by Nokia to attend their yearly Nokia Connection event and this time it was held in Singapore during Communicasia week. So on the 20th of June, I met up with the other media at the airport and we all boarded Singapore Airlines.

A shot of the friendly cabin crew.

Since it was a short flight, we only get to enjoy this orange juice. hehe

Everyone went back to what they were doing after the orange juice. I stoned. lol

We finally arrived in Singapore and Nokia has set up a van to bring us to the hotel. Marina Bay Sands yo!

I was a bit ‘jakun’ when I arrived at the hotel cos of all the hype and amazing things people told me about it. Also, it was nice to see this boards all over the lobby to welcome us.

After checking in, we all got our room keys… but since they were not ready yet, we went to one of the reserved rooms to settle our luggages.

The room had an awesome view of Marina Bay.. but wait til you see it from my room!




  1. Ian

    Hey, how much is the standard room in sands? Was thinking of getting one for next yr…

    smashpOp Replies:

    about 1.2k a night if not mistaken

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