My Journey To Zero Emission With Nissan Leaf

What if you are given a chance to be an eco-hero to help save planet Earth while enjoying what you do everyday without changing your lifestyle? Would you take on the task and spring right into action? I WOULD and here is what I did!

Recently Nissan Malaysia brought in the all-electric Nissan LEAF for people to experience what it’s like to be driving a zero-emission car. I’d say that I am one of the luckiest guys around because I got to own it and drive it every single day for a long, long, long time!

This is how the Nissan LEAF looks like – futuristic, swift and funky-looking. I’m sure that everyone will want to own one just by looking at this wonderful photo!

Back to my story… the technician from Nissan came over to install the charger dock as I’m gonna charge the electric car in my house from now onwards.

Just had to do the smashpOp jump with it lah… so AWESOME!

This is how I will be fueling up my car from now onwards. So cool! (I feel like I’m living in the future – first time charging my car… exactly like charging my tablets and mobile phone) Lol. It’s an amazing feeling as can drive anywhere, anytime without ever polluting the air, hence becoming a little eco-hero in this big, big world! 😀

The guys at Nissan were kind enough to explain to me on how the Nissan LEAF works. I even went for a test drive around the neighborhood to learn the basics! Hehehe very the caring you know.

Look at the Nissan LEAF interior in the photo above; with all the blue highlights and dashboard lightings, it’s hard not to tell people that this is an extremely cool vehicle!

Hmm… looking at my car now, I truly feel that I’m some sort of superhero… with a eco super car. This is such a great, awesome feeling and somehow, this slogan sticks “With great power, comes great responsibility”. And in saying that, I’m gonna drive this car out right now! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures from me! 😀



  1. Macha next door

    is it for sale already???

  2. Norman Prima

    So you bought the car? Or Nissan let you use it for a period of time?

    How’s it drive? Missing the oomph of a petrol-powered car?

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