My Mid Autumn Festival ChaCha-Fied!

Yesterday was Mid Autumn Festival and as usual, it’s a tradition thing that we have to put up some lanterns outside the house.

This year is no different. Mum bought some lanterns and at about 9pm we went out to light them up while munching on some mooncake and sipping tea.

Nice? lol I prefer these kinda lanterns than those plastic ones.

‘Seong Ngor’ graphic on the lanterns! A mythical fairy who was only allowed to meet her lover once a year on Mid Autumn Festival.

I also recorded a video with my HTC Cha Cha and quickly uploaded it to Facebook to share with my friends ahhahaha

Sharing the video on Facebook was super easy! While I was watching the video I recorded, I press the ‘Facebook’ button at the bottom of the phone and BOOM! Uploaded.

My wifi was a bit slow that’s why it wook about 5 minutes to upload ehehhe.

Check out my lantern video here!


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