My new 50mm

Introducing my new toy.

The Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm f1.7

Got it right before I went to LookOut Point last last saturday. (To Furkids: I still want the 30mm 1.4 ok? I’ll sell this off right after I come back from meeting you :D)

Haven’t really use this 50mm lens yet… so don’t have much nice shots.

Here are some that I can gather from my casual shoots these few days.

taken at Jojo’s Kitchen at Kuchai Lama

just took this in my room. a quick one cos i was rushing to blog this. lol

taken this afternoon at OldTown Kopitiam, Sri Petaling.

took this just now. BTW…. you guys looking for webcams, should get this one. RM60 only.. capalang brand but its damn bright and clear. Got face detection as well. I bought this from Lowyat.


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