My Nintendo DS Lite

I bought myself a Nintendo DS Lite yesterday. Looked everywhere and finally found the white one.. damn nice.

Why not PSP? Well, I prefer Nintendo. That’s it.

Some pics of my NDSL

The outside reminds me of the iPod. Can you see the embossed DS logo? so niceee….

When you open it, you will be welcomed with 2 beautiful screen with 2 speakers next to it. The bottom screen is a TouchScreen… and at the center of the hinge is the Mic..

Nintendo consoles do not only play Mario games… there are many games available that we can play with … again… so nice…..

Tansformers & Mario Kart

Minigame on Super Mario

MUST WATCH! DAMN NICE! .. but ignore the sound of my old fan in the background k

and lastly..

i love my DS Lite. 😀

Anyone owns one? lets play multiplayer games.. come come!



  1. Free Nintendo DSi

    Love this, great blog, thanks.

  2. Jayden Scott

    I like the Mario Kart game because it is more challenging as you get to the next level.,:.

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