My NIXON: The Unit + pOpvid #14 is LIVE!

My birthday was last month and I didnt have the chance to gt myself something until yesterday..

I finally found the watch I have been longing for since its launch 2 months ago in the US! The watch only arrived in our shores a week ago so I couldn’t get it even if I wanted to last month on my bday LOL.

BEHOLD! My new timepiece, NIXON: The Unit.

Nixon is an accessories company for the youth lifestyle market founded in 1997 by Andy Laats & Chad DiNenna in Encinitas, California.

Nixon began with a small line of custom built, team designed watches with focused distribution in specialty surf, skate, snow, and fashion stores.

Expanding into accessories and limited softgoods in 2000, Nixon has continued its growth into over 25 countries and is now part of Billabong International.

Futuristic and functional, The Unit’s design cues and aesthetics were inspired by the likes of Japanese style toys and their nod to bold utility and style.

Anyways, its a Monday.. that’s means a new POPVID is now LIVE!

Click on the image above or CLICK HERE to watch! Remember to click subscribe and thumbs up too!


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