My RedBull FlugTag Experience In Singapore!

So a while ago I was invited by RedBull Malaysia to attend the 1st ever RedBull FlugTag in South East Asia, and it took place at Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore.

Flugtag, pronounced as ‘floog-tug’ means ‘flying day’ in German. So thats basically the whole gist of the event! Redbull enables these participants to fly..

Iz us from Malaysia! Wassup new friends!

It’s basically an event for people to build and pilot machines that they built off a 6-metre high flight deck and hope it goes far into the sky (but logically thinking, everything would just dive straight into the water lah.. since they r all so heavy and all ahhahaha)

So there was all sorts of things that people built lah.. duckie plane, big durian, etc etc

Teams were all getting ready, waiting for their turn to push their machines down the sea

OK, back to the beach! While waiting for the event to start.. we took another photo!

Seems like the first team is ready…..

Check back tomorrow for more ACTION!


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