My REV-UP Entry For Battle Of The States!

Hello evibadi! Did you read my previous post about REVIVE Battle Of The States contest? If you have not… YOU SHOULD! Cos you can win lots n lots of cash yo!

This week, their theme is “BIG SMALL”. Basically you just use your creativity and come up with a video or photo to depict whatever you can think of related to the theme.

I have also took part and posted a photo!

This is my entry. At first I thought of posting something like the sample you see above… but then many have done that. Therefore I thought of going for something more original and obvious. LOL. So this is BIG TWIN TOWERS & small me doing the smashpOp jump. 😀

YOU CAN ALSO TAKE PART! There’s RM1000 to be won per week/per theme if you have the most points for that particular week. Just go to and post up a photo/video. IT”S THATTTTT EASY!

There’s nothing better than joining the REV-UP contest cos there is weekly cash prize of RM1000 and RM5000 Grand Prize after 6 weeks. HOW COOL IS THAT!

Remember that to win, you need to upload your videos/pictures should be submitted to the Rev Cup – Battle of the States fb page ontest application.


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