My Sad N95

Recently, my phone has not been working properly…

when I wanna call my friends, it says “Call not allowed”.

when I wanna sms, it says “Message not sent this time”

I… I am frustrated….

I then found out what it was all about.

My phone is depressed cos I have not posted photos taken by it anymore….

“oh N95, I still want you… I.. promise I wont leave you…. not until I found a better phone…. hahahahahhahaha”

anyways, here are some random shots from my phone.

some friends call me pOp pOp. lol oh well… shot this at Taj Mahal Restaurant in Sri Petaling when I was paying for my food.

Azrul, a professional photographer, setting up the lighting to shoot me. haha

The threadmills at Fitness First Menara Maxis got touch screen tvs now! woot!

was stucked on the highway right in front of the Zoo.. then I saw many birds stoning on ALL the lamp posts along the highway. Weird!

This one damn long ago. During mooncake festival. Taken at Leisure Mall, Cheras.



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