My SX4

On the 11th July 09, I was chatting online with Calvin… both of us were bored. We had nothing to do and thought of goin for a photoshoot.

We didnt know where to go as we’ve been to most places in KL.

Then Calvin said “why dont u drive ur car out then we shoot ur car?“… since I didnt snapped any photos of my car then… I agreed.

We then met up nearby his house at an empty land. He drove his Nissan Latio and I suggested we shoot both cars… he say “dowan lah I havent wash my car… next time lah… today we shoot your car only

We then spent a few moments setting up the lights and started shooting.

There you go.. The chrome S logo symbolizes “smashpOp” lol. kidding


After the hundreds of shots of cars… we then shot ourselves. Calvin n his Nissan Latio.

Me and my SX4.

Took another shot together before we ended the session.

Ok finish bye. Thanks Calvin for some of the shots.



  1. Danny

    nice car lar bro!! cantik. How much you bought it?

  2. uLi

    nice car 🙂

  3. aaron

    Nice car there huh. When taking me for a ride?

  4. Esa Hiltunen

    Very cool car. Congrats. Good looking photos. As always.

  5. DSvT

    Your Car, pal?
    So nice de….

    Recently I just into portrait, drop by at for more lo~

  6. Car Guide

    Nice car. Seems that you just drove it off the lot and started shooting pics. What is the package?

  7. Floor mats

    The image with the headlight close-up – it seems that it’s not SX4 in the pic at all.
    Like your car and your blog.

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