N81 Navi Wheel

more gadgets photos!! ahhaa

before that… model shots first. 😛

Most of the models were holding the N81. N95 8gb leh? mana?

Anyways, how could i miss a chance to pose with them..

slowly girls… one at a time ok… lol i mean… ill look at the phones one at a time 🙂

Then, it was time for me to play around with the multimedia computers.

The new N95 now comes in black, packed with 8gb hard disk, stunning 2.8″ screen and more RAM!.. comes with built in Ngage of course…. and the rest are exactly the same as the previous N95.

The N81 is the ultimate music + gaming machine. Has dedicated gaming buttons at both sides of the earpiece and super clear audio quality…. but then.. it only has 2 megapixel camera without autofocus.

One thing you should know about the N81 is that you can scroll through the menus using the directional pads just like how u do with the ipod click wheel.

Watch the video to find out.

Video recorded using my N95.

I have another video of the N81 playing Ngage games, click HERE to view it.

Oh I went there with HungWei.

The hype sort of cooled down after playing with the phones… so we decided the leave.

but before that, another shot of me n the girls lol

ok lah can leave now.


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