N96 launch event

This is part 2 of “N96 launch event”

So after the big guy announced the N96 on stage, models came out holding the device showing off to everyone.

The nokia managers joined them.

During the event, there was band performances and booths for ppl to try out the Asphalt 3D game on the N96.

A crew member is placed at each booth to guide us on the gameplay.

Victor and I stood there waited for our turns to play…

I figured it might take some time to wait for my turn so I went to snap the models again but somehow forced by my friends to join them to pose with the N96.. ahahhaa

… and finally it was Victor’s turn.. 😀

Here are 2 videos from that night.




  1. ahlost

    the guy in blue and white jacket sho goodlooking 😀

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah thats my fren kenneth

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