Nandos Peri Peri

The other day, my mum and I went to makan at Nando’s.

They had this new promotion going on..

so cheap… so nice.. so i tried. lol

It came with a quarter set meal with 2 sidelines(yes i only like Lemon n Herb.)

Some blackcurrent juice..

n this small cup of vanilla flavoured steam egg as dessert. 🙂

oh my mum had this.

I think its Mild Peri Peri.. not the hot one

The promotion has ended so if u dont see this in Nando’s when u go tomorrow, don come n kill me.. heh

anyway. heres a photo i took with Jack in the fishtank.. (Xfresh HQ is called the fishtank cos its surounded with glass walls.. ppl outside can actally see what we r doing in the offic.. i mean.. the fishtank. 🙂

Jack is an intern in the Xfresh Content Team.

ok finish story


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