Narnia Kitchen

‘Aeon Flux’ should be called ‘Aeon Sux’.
– Fighting scenes too little
– Story too shallow
– Not much technology shown(eventhough its in year 2415 or something like that)

It’s like a low-budget-simpler version of The Island and Charlize Theron looked old.. like Trinity in Matrix 3.. and if i wanna see a cool looking chiq shooting and killing people with an expressionless face.. i might as well watch Tomb Raider.
Every movie has its own objective and has its main key points that make people remember them.. but i really dono what this movie is trying to show.. everything is just half way..

and I just got some Narnia Special Screening Tickets!! ahahah
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and we went to Vietname Kitchen just now for lunch.. too dark… so pictures turned out .. not so nice

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Nicole, Redrabit, Hyperhex

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Cherrie, ME!!!, Jen

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Some of the stuff we ordered

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Some not so nice pictures


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