NDS Lite Browser

2 days ago, I went to Play-Asia to place an order for something which I was hoping to own for a few days already.

The delivery took less than 24 hours to reach my hands… since it’s from Hongkong so I was expecting it to take 2 days…

so anyways.. I got the parcel yesterday afternoon.

anyone knows what was in the parcel?

What did i buy? 😀

yes! with this browser cartridge, I can go online! Update blog! Check friendster!… Alll that using my Nintendo DS Lite! ahhahaa
(ok i know PSP has a browser too but… THIS ONE IS BROWSING WITH DUAL SCREEN! TOUCH SCREEN!… and everything else! lol)
and I bought 3 browser packs cos the other 2 are for Cherrie and Jen cos they each bought an NDS Lite too! Pink and black.

ok lets see what it says at the back of the box.

Internet on the go… surf blogs using your DS… bla bla bla..

ok here’s a video of me surfing using it.

My say(good stuff):
– very nice user interface
– dual screen surifng
– 3 surfing modes )small screen rendering, Zoom with full website view, fit to screen)
– text can be typed using touchscreen keyboard or handwriting.

My say(not so good stuff):
– loading of webpages is slower than PC
– does not support flash and ajax

wanna get one for your DS? 😀


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