Need to drink!

so as we were back at Thoong Loh Wan… we were thirsty….


the place so big.. WHERE GOT NICE PLACE TO DRINK????????

and so we left the decision making to my mum and my aunt.

as they were discussing, let me bring you for a walk on the streets …

just imagine you are walking now together with me and eveyone else la ok.. ahah

in the video you can hear how frustrated my mum n aunt were… “lei oi yum mou?”, “yum mat yeh?”, “pin tou yao tuck yum?”

and so… we ended up at this place called… erm…… ahahah i forgot the name.. omg… ok nvm… its located at 3rd floor of one of the malls.

i ordered this. about $26 (RM13)… damn nice! yam and those things on top are crunchy oats. 😀

this one… about the same price also

after drinking it was about 11pm already…. mum n aunt went back to hotel leaving me n my cousin wandering on the streets which was still filled with people wearing black.

we then tried the femes curry fishball

quite nice! ahahha feel like eating again

and then about 12something… we went back to hotel to rest and shower and sleep.


and the next morning…. we went for breakfast.

we went to MCD. lol why? cos they serve pork there! ahahahha must go eat pork burgers! and.. McD pork sausage breakfast!

show you guys tomoro ok. byebye

oh btw… hows the video?

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