New Year Fair in HK

Here comes the “Far see” post!

Far See aka New year fair aka flower fest… or whatever you call it… is held every year on the night before Chinese New Year. It starts from around 7pm til the next morning.
Traditionally, they sell new year stuff like flowers, decorations, food… and mostly flowers lah… but I realised its totally different from what I used to see on TVB dramas.

They now sell plush toys, plush toys… and plush toys. Check it out.

I think the fair is now sort of like a youth carnival… with all these ppl setting up booths to sell stuff. They even had Facebook cookies. lol

The person in front of me was holding this. Since it was so packed we couldn’t walk at all, I took hundreds of shots of this and this is one of them.

We were separated with our relatives.. so no choice.. we had to walk by ourselves.

These guys here were shouting their lungs out selling boxers. ahahha

In a competitive new year fair.. everyone was trying to stand out to potential customers.. mr sheep also got… spongebob also got… everything lah!

I nearly bought this tiger hat! ahahah it was in conjunction with the tiger year… but too expensive. HKD$45… means about RM21.

If standing on chairs and tables were not high enough…



Check out Causeway Bay at 12 midnight. You cannot imagine. You have to watch the video.



  1. alvink

    what a way to sell boxers. petaling street should be emulating that soon. hahahaha

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahahah its damn funny wan the things they shouted lol

    alvink Replies:

    what they shouted LOL? i wanna learn, next time can do business. haha. the unique way! 😛

  2. MsXeRoZ

    EH~ tiger hat..i want T_T where to buy in Msia?

    MsXeRoZ Replies:

    pOp, when i was submitting the comment i saw this
    “new comment is submiting, please wait a comment…” issit suppose to be please wait a moment?

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah its the flaw of the system. made by china ppl

    smashpOp Replies:

    msia i think don have leh 😛

  3. day-dreamer

    Hahahaha “ma yin tong” also can sell like that! Cute~

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah ya wor 😛

  4. Vearn

    When I saw your post, I little did expect you’ll post up the photos of giant iPhone (balloon) and condom doll. I’m not sure if they had it this year but it was all over during last year Flower Market.

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