Nian Gao at Ewin’s!

Ok one of the last visits during Chinese New Year few months ago… was to Ewin’s house! Some of us were invited; Mynjayz, Bryan, YvonneSim, Leonard, Yinxie, Jon and me.

We were chillin in his room. He then showed us his collection of yoyos. FUAH! We all were shocked. hahah. Memang Yoyo Sifu ni.

Aunty were kind enough to prepare some hot and sticky “Nian Gao” for us to eat. Nian gao is like some sticky glutinuous rice thingymajig which symbolises “progression”… good luck in Chinese beliefs.

Super nice! The nian gao tasted a lot better when warm and dipped in coconut.

Ewin’s dad is a gym instructor and he has a lot og body building equipments at home. He was showing us some gym materials and equipments and got us excited and wanted to try.

He then guided us on some exercises. ahahha

We had fun la overall. Learnt some stuff about building body.

Ok the night ended with a group shot.

All the furniture in Ewin’s house is red. Wahlao… really HUAT AH!

OK anyone feel like partying this Friday? Free food provided!

It’s time for bloggers to enjoy and have fun with BlupBlupMY!

If you are a @blupblupMY member, I am sure you already received this invitation. If not, this is an invitation to you.

Invite Details
* This event is limited to 50 bluppers only (first come first serve basis)
* This event is for non-muslim only
* This event is for 18 and above

RSVP to :[at]
(eg. RSVP ALIVE, name, blog url)

RSVP before 12noon 9th July ok? See you guys there this Friday!



  1. bryanlyt

    what turf! T___T

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahaha epic face!

  2. university student

    I love to eat “nian gao”, especially fry with sweet potatoes. It’s delicious!

    smashpOp Replies:

    good to know

  3. Albert Ng

    LOL cubes got my attention! Too many 3x3x3s though.

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahha whenever theres rubik, theres albnok

  4. Ewin


    smashpOp Replies:


  5. ghostwalker

    Isn’t that Yvonne Sim? =D
    *My eyes are not wrong,rite? LOL.

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