I’ll be at Mandarin Oriental Hotel tomorrow from 8.45am to 5.30pm to attend the PhotoshopWorld Asia Pacific 2007 event. Will you be there?


Bkt Bintang continues…

A stroll down the busy roads of Bkt Bintang in KL gave me a thought… (photo has been edited for the softener effect)

a thought about the different perspective everyone has about nightlife.

some people prefer to go out at night… cos they feel stressed during the day due to work/studies.

some loves to wander around at night cos they feel that they can go everywhere as there are less congestion..

some who constantly looking for inspirations get triggered more at night…

what about you? What is Nightlife to you?

no matter what you think it is….

the most important thing … is to fill our stomachs. ahah

eating is my hobby


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