Nightmare on Elm Street + CrappingDanny

Just back from watching The Nightmare on Elm Street, a remake of the popular horror movie from many years ago, thanks Advertlets for the tickets!

It was predictable.. so is every other horror movie out there… but at least this one has some nail biting scenes and I think its not bad. Some of them were quite cliche but overall it did give the horror feel to the whole cinema. I rate it 7/10. Worth watching.

Before the movie we had dinner at Kenny Rogers… (Clockwise: Evo, Selena, Bryan, Meiying, Kenny Rogers, Muffin, Me, AndyGTS)

Few months back I had dinner with some friends at Canton-I, Gardens.

We met up at Alexis and then went to Action City and got ourselves an ugly doll each.. ahhaha

Then off we went to Canton-I.

Was using my Cybershot.. so I simply snapped here and there ahahaha

Wind and his GF1

the whole night was fun.. as Danny were crapping a lot of lame jokes ahahaha check out the video below.

I ordered this.

Watch this video of DannyOne crapping with some keychains.. lol



  1. uLi

    Muahhaha….Danny so funny one …

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahha he is born funny lol

  2. EVo

    Out of 6 ppl in the pic..2 r holding phones. Shows how much we’re mobile-addicted! thanks for the shot bro 🙂 great hanging out as always!

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahha and u know that the rest of them also held phones.. woot. ahhaha likewise bro

    axiao Replies:

    evo mata damn cacat wei…akakakak

  3. Baboon Tan

    aww! didn’t get to dinner together! =) next time k?

    smashpOp Replies:

    yes sir! hahahah our next mission. to dinner together. ahah

    Baboon Tan Replies:

    sure! no problem! ^^

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