Nine Emperor Gods Festival

Here I was again at the yearly Nine Emperor Gods festival and I was there again to take some photos and videos with the gang.

It was the 3rd consecutive year I went there and this was the first time I witnessed chinese opera at the temple.

Here are some shots from that night.

They had this sacrificial thing whereby ‘believers’ will walk on these burning charcoals thingymajig.. dont know how to call it. lol the ceremony took part at midnight.. which I wasnt there to watch. Sad.

Praying.. people lighting these springy jossticks all around the temple.

Check out the mountains of humans trying to light candles and jossticks!

A closer look.

Crazy amount of ppl lighting sticks on one side.. and some chinese opera were going on at the other side.

Those who successfully lit up sticks, proceeded to pray to the Gods…



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