Hello! It’s yet another Nintendo DS post!

This time, I will be presenting you the game, Nintendogs!

This is actualeeeeeee.. a pet simulation game… something like Tamagochi.. but 5 million times more advanced. lol

The game first ’emerged’ in the market in April 2005… and got more n more famous after that cos of the realistic level of the game…

There are actually a few versions of the game, with different breed of puppies to choose from. (Dachshund & Friends, Lab & Friends, Shiba Inu & Friends, and Chihuahua & Friends)

Nintendogs takes advantage of the Nintendo DS’ touch screen, microphone, and dual screens, which are used to interact with the dogs.

For those who wants to have a pet doggy but dont want all the shit and pee all over your bed and sofa, try this game. hehe

Here’s a video of me playing it…. (for the last time.. cos it’s actually quite a boring game. ahaahaha)

In the video you can see me calling my pet doggie ‘Billie’ .. commanding her to sit down and spin… of course you can train your doggies to do many many more things…

You can also see me playing bubble with her… I need to blow towards the DS in order to create bubbles.


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