Nokia Media Dinner At Dempsey House

Part 1: My Journey to Nokia Connection In Singapore
Part 2: First Meal At Marina Bay Sands + Generous Nokia
Part 3: My Room At Marina Bay Sands
Part 4: MBS Jump + Singapore Chicken Rice
Part 5: Hello Merlion, Ocean, Marcus!
Part 6: Breakfast & The Start Of Nokia Connection
Part 7: Meeting Stephen Elop, Nokia pOplank & The N9
Part 8: MOLOME Plushie NFC Stephen Elop’s N9

After the event at MBS Hall, all the Nokia media were driven to a secluded location for dinner lol.

It was at this place called Dempsey House

After checking in, we all flooded the restaurant

Neil Gordon, Vice President of Nokia’s SEAP region were there to welcome us.

Through out the night there were games and some of us media won the N8, C7 and E7.

Met new friends too! Hello Singapore buddies.

… and media buddies from Malaysia.



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