Nokia N96 Jump

This is the final post for N96 Launch event

So it was my turn to play Asphalt 3D using the N96.

Nothing much to do after that… so I took more photos of the device itself.

The N96 playing the promotional video, “Face The Task

Then talked abit with the N79 girl and asked her to pose.. and as usual.. the peace sign. ahha

Soon after, a local band started to perform.

The N96 caught in action, recording a video of the band.

As we were near the ending of the event, we took some group shots… Victor, Will, David, Joshua and Me.

… and I jumped before I left.

Added to smashpOp Jumpilation.

That’s it! Another chapter completed. 😀

What’s up tomorrow?



  1. Alice Teh

    You really make jumping look so easy. And, I haven’t practice yet. One day lah (but don’t know when…)

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahha its really easy ma

  2. Albert Ng

    The girl in the Face The Task video looks like Davina!

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