Nokia N97 Launch Event

Event date: 5th June 2009

So 3 months ago the Nokia N97 was launched in KL and some of us were at the event at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

A shot of us after registering. Everyone was waiting for the cue to enter the hall.

Met my collegemate there. woot!

In the hall there were booths showcasing the different features of the Nokia N97 and of course the buffet line on the left side… FOODD! lol

Glen Cha then welcomed everyone and presented the N97 to everyone, explaining it’s features and stuff.

Another shot.

The Glen were joined by Vlasta Berka and Chris Carr for a media shoot with the N97 on stage.

More photos tomorrow!! 😀



  1. Chien Teng

    No matter what anyone says, I still don’t like Nokia phones. How was it? Is the N97 really something to “OHMYGOD!!!” over? 😛

  2. نوكيا

    Hello ,
    Really nice event photos , I got my N97 yesterday 😀 .

  3. nokia

    N97 super

    I like twilight

  4. Free Nokia N97

    Good post, adding it to my blog now, thanks

  5. Jamie

    the Nokia N97 for me is the best phone that i bought. it is definitely a bang for the buck phone. nice features and cool looks.

  6. Caramoan

    the Nokia N97 is super cool and very stylish. i bought two N97s, one for me and one for my sister. you cant find a phone that is more stylish than N97

  7. novi mobiteli

    Great looking phone but i think it is still overrated regarding price of competition phones. Nice photos from presentation thou.


  8. Tommy

    I love the look and feel of the Nokia N97. This is probably the best phone that i ever bought, the other best phone would be the iPhone.

  9. Karls

    Nokia sure makes the best and ergonomic phones in the market today. the Nokia N97 have very good ergonomics and is very user friendly

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