Nokia YEP + Winning the E75

Let’s get back to our regular posts.
This is part 2 of Nokia Year End Party took place in December 09.

Mr big boss welcomed us to the party and gave a lil short speech.

We then played some trivia and many of us won shopping vouchers!

I’d say the most exciting thing that night was the game competitions. They had Raving Rabbit, Asphalt4 and Assassins Creed running on 3 Nokia N97 Minis plugged into 3 LCDs. The winner of each game wins a phone each. WOOT!

I was the winner for the Asphalt4 game and Adrian on the Raving Rabbits game.

Each of us got an E75 hhehehhe

We went home smiling hahahah thanks Nokia Malaysia for inviting us to the party.



  1. Joey

    Hate you so much!!!! I’m need to get a new phone but U have a lot of FREE one.

    smashpOp Replies:

    lolll chill chill

  2. ah hong

    Wow…E72, E75, N97. What else you got in your Nokia collection?

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