Nokia’s Biggest Angry Birds Playground!

So few months ago Nokia Malaysia held the biggest Angry Birds playground in the world and it took place at Lowyat Boulevard. The events was supposed to start at noon but I was there earlier for the media session.

Media session + breakfast was at Outback Steak House.

After introcing the playground, explaining the attempt to create a Guinness record and all, Nokia’s big guys and ong of Rovio’s VP posed for the cameras.

Bryan and I quickly grab a chance to take a photo with Ville… woohoo! One of the guys behind the amazing game Angry Birds from Finland.

We then adnounred to the playground itself and it was already filled with people!

Then it was time to launch the Angry Birds relay in order to create a Guinness World record.

one representative from Guinness World Record witnessed as the relay of the most Angry Birds game played on the Nokia N8 goes on from noon til night.




  1. CindyC

    soooo cool 🙂

  2. gilaweb

    whatacool event! smash some pig!!

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