NY Haagen Birthday


Just came back from ma buddy Dennis’s birthday party at his crib yo!

His house was flooded with his friends from school, college and dance mates.

3 photos from just now. MORE in February.

Ze bday boi and me

All we did was chat chat camho camho. 😀

Group shot of everyone after the cake cutting session.


Last last week all of us got Haagen Dazz for free in the office. Snapped this when I was enjoying mine at my office desk.


Few days ago my boss bought us lunch at Chilis KLCC. Yummy.



  1. Joshualaw

    The guy with cap in the 2nd picture looks like the Elecoldxhot dancer..or is it really him?
    Btw, your friend, Dennis is so lucky to have sooo many buddies celebrating his birthday..=)

    smashpOp Replies:

    yes u r right… dennis is also in elecoldshot.. in fact… everyone from the nigth were dancers from battleground 😀

  2. Joshualaw

    OMG! Elecoldxhot is one of the dance crew who use popping+locking+waving+freestyle dance..which is almost same style with mine! XD Haiz..cant join that battleground coz i dun have any crews..hard to find dancer who are good in the same dance style with me…so envy them to have awesome crew members. =)

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