Oh food that melts you at Movida

This is part 2 of my MOVIDA post few days ago.

Here are the food we had. Check them out. Super yummy can die.

Starter. Toss with citrus oil, grapes, pineapple and cheese ball… Salmon damn nice.

Then came the sauteed prawns. It’s starting to get interesting. It’s prepared on grilled zucchini, aioli and aragula. Dono what these names ah? Nvm.. just eat only. LOL.

We shared this thing among 5 of us. Had to get the crew to cut for us ahah too big. The ingredients are; aioli, watercress, caramelized onion, gherkin and tomatoes.

To tell you the truth, THIS IS THE BEST DISH AND I MELTED THE MOMENT I PUT THE LAMB INTO MY MOUTH!!!! Seriously.. damn nice… everyone laughed when I struggled to look for a chair as I tasted the lamb. Recommended.

Chammaine melted after trying the lamb. hahahaha

To those who likes sweet/sour food, this is a MUST TRY. It has sauteed spinach, mango salsa and semi dried tomato. The fish is very soft and tender… and the sourness of mango and vinegar just rocks. haha

Something more common. Spaghetti tossed with olive oil, chili, parsley, basil and not forgetting the seafood.


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  1. bryanlyt

    tcmaine orgasm.

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    ahahah ahh ah ahhhhh~

  2. day-dreamer


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    lets go makan

  3. tcmaine

    Shit. Embarassing!!!

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    ahah looks nice ma 😛

  4. yinxie

    you have to struggle to find chair to taste your lamb ar? stand la! so easy! such a joker la you! LOL! ;p

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    ahahha i was standing laa lol

  5. TianChad

    Nice food photo as always =)
    Congratz on reaching 1 mil unique visitors soon~!

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    ahah thanks tianchad!

  6. AngelKein

    lol chammaine

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