This Home Is Not Where Your Parents Belong

So after leaving the orphanage, we went for lunch!

See how healthy we were… all greens! hahaa

All of us.

OK after lunch we continued our agenda that day.. to the old folks home.

Upon arrival, we carried all the donations into the home and passed them all to the person in charged there.

Then we started to mingle with the elderly. Realised that this lady here was very friendly and I talked to her the most throughout the whole session.

A tour around the house revealed to us their emptiness.

Why would their kids leave them here unattended? How long more do these elderly need to experience this miserable life?

Hope the things we brought and our presence contributed a little happiness into their lives.

Throughout the day we were chatting singing and played some games with them. Took a group shot before we left.



  1. Dan

    next round olk folks house … ajak pls

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  2. Kim

    Is this your and your friends’ initiative, including the visit to the orphanage? Wow, these kids are blessed to have people like you sharing what you have for them. Good job!

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  3. Houses For Rent

    Good you guys and girls, this is awesome to do the great work you are doing. We also cannot understand why the children of these people leave them at an old folks home, that’s quite sad. Anyway, on the positive note, you should all be very proud of the good work you are doing, I think you made them very happy!

    All the best for your future endevours,

    From the all of the team at Houses For Rent New Zealand.

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