OMG! Mysterious Fuel From Petronas is Coming.

I love mysteries!

Do you know that Petronas is launching a new mysterious fuel on the 9th of April?

It is believed that the fuel helps generate more acceleration and creates more savings when it comes to more mileage. Even better, since RON 97’s increase in price, everyone is complaining about how pumping petrol costs such a bomb. But now I get better value for money and can go even further!!!

That’s like my car can go vroom vroom happily with this new fuel!

Well, I’m excited about this news and if you want to enjoy and try out this new fuel, Petronas is having a promo hour on the 10th April from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. I also heard that it is a nationwide Fuel Up promo at over 955 Petronas outlets all over Malaysia!!! FUWAH! Can also win prizes if you follow their instruction and rules.

Check out their Facebook page ( for further details and don’t forget to mark down calendars!


I was recording video in the dark in the bushes when something really bad happened. Luckily I got it recorded.

Watch now.


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