One Heart Charity + NIKE x SMASHPOP Giveaway Answers!

Today was a memorable day as we went to do charity at an orphanage and also an old folks home.

The orphanage is located at Jinjang.. a place I have never been before.. and then we convoyed to Klang to see the elder people.

This charity event was organised by Jenifer and it was named One Heart Charity.

Here are some photos from today. MORE SOON!

Stuff we donated to the orphanage.

When we arrived, the kids were having breakfast. Love this shot.

We mingled with them, played games..

… and gave them presents. It was really fun playing with the kids at the orphanage. We had a great time.

Group shot of everyone before we left.

Then in the afternoon we went to visit the seniors.

Took a group shot of us with some of the elderly before we called it a day.

Here’s a video of me talking with one of the old lady there.





  1. jiahao

    wuu 🙁
    answer wrong d..

  2. dila

    HAHA my sister got the answers correct, but she didnt send

  3. devi

    aaahh…that reminds me to do my charity bits this weekend
    when im back to my those kids expression. thumbs

  4. Fazreen

    Got one wrong.. Unluck

  5. ewinEE

    LAugh out loud at ur video! funny la u haha!

  6. Swee San

    Nenek so cute… got (-.-)v sign

  7. Adam

    Well done guys. Really commendable.

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