Orchard Road Jump

still high after meeting Heroes…

teddy got his way thru and met me after the event ended.

first time meeting him tho… singapore blogger… eh? nono.. he is studying in singapore.. but actually from KL :d

and then i waited there for a while more cos i was waiting for Shikin to come over for a meet up. She met me the last time I went to SG… so this was our 2nd meetup.

I met Bobby too! A friend i knew since the Xfresh days… but the foto blur la.. so dowan show.

then we went to..


we couldnt be anymore siao… cos… i dont think anyone would do this…

squatting in one line… in the middle of orchard road…

didnt expect everyone to join me in squatting… thanks guys n gals lol

while we were at it… we might as well

do a group jump in front of the shopping malls.

people were all looking at us.. haha fun!

and then a proper one before we enter the malls.


orchard road story finish…
here’s a photo from Merlion park./

the japanese tourist was posing… n didnt know that i was actually posing behind her. lol


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