Our Last Night In HongKong, An Awesome Trip By Nokia [video]

Part 1: The Day I Travelled To Hong Kong Alone
Part 2: GongCha & Chicken Rice in Hong Kong
Part 3: Dead Fish & Hong Kong Market
Part 4: Dinner At The Peak of Hong Kong!
Part 5: Breathtaking Hong Kong Night Scene + Breakfast
Part 6: HongKong SOHO Plank
Part 7: We Got Personal With Nokia In HongKong
Part 8: The Trio: Nokia 600, 700 & 701
Part 9: Try Something New With Nokia At Ngong Ping Cable Car. I Planked!
Part 10: Shaolin Bloggers & The Wishing Tree
Part 11: BIG Buddha Plank! BIG Buddha Jump!
Part 12: We Went On The ‘Duk Ling’ Junk In Hong Kong!
Part 13: A Day At Avenue Of Stars + DuckLing Posers
Part 14: We Learned Tai Chi In HongKong
Part 15: We Flew Around Hong Kong In A Helicopter!
Part 16: Dim Sum In Pigeon Cages!
Part 17: Massage, Sauna & Miu Kai Plank
Part 18: Dinner At JUMBO Floating Restaurant, Hongkong!

The awesome dinner on the floating restaurant was awesome indeed.

After dinner we went upstairs to chill and to record some videos

Posers 😛

Then it was time to judge and see which team did the best during the whole trip.

… and we won!

Time to hug each other for the last time before flying back home respectively the next morning.

New friends from Hongkong 😀

Once again, we are the 6 global bloggers, Finland, Malaysia, Austria, London, The Philippines, India.
Not only we got to try out new devices, we also got the chance to try new things like heli ride around Hongkong, massage in 5 star hotel, learning tai chi in the morning, cable car ride to Lantau Island and more.
Thanks Nokia!

Check out this video as all 48 hours of our adventure was recorded and fit into 1 video. ENJOY!


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