Package from Nederlands

So the package from Nederlands was actually a photo magazine.

I have also highlighted the address from the contents page(pg2).. and i saw my name in it! wah! ahhaha

I quickly flipped to page 47 to see what was on it.

I saw this.

Remember this KLCC shot I posted last month? ahaha they printed it on a double page!

and then I flipped to the next page.

I saw 2 more of my photos! Both taken during the 9th Emperor Festival!

ahaha and the funniest thing was to see my siao face at the top of the page.

too bad its in dutch… so i cannot understand… ahhahahahah but then its all good.

Im proud. lol… they actually contacted me last month asking if they could use few of my photos for their magazine… I agreed and I wrote a short bio about myself for them… but they translated it to dutch.

you guys can view the KLCC and the 9th Emperor shots again in my FLICKR and in my GALLERY


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