Panasonic Beauty: Beauty Of Empowerment Launch @ One World Hotel

Just came back from Panasonic Beauty launch at One World Hotel yo! They launched a slew of new beauty electronics like face steamer, hair dryer, pore cleanser and many more.

Here’s a photo of Asia’s most beautiful blogger girls and 2 men. LOL

Here’s one of the product. Looks quite interesting. Reminds me of the evil flower from Super Mario

Apart from awesome buffet dinner, girls get to do their hair, nails eyelashes etc etc at the launch for FREE! So awesome. Too bad they had nothing for guys.

Managing director Mr. Jeff Lee launching the event together with Hiro Suga, Jonathan Ang, and Chris Tomachi.

Then alot a lot alot of hawt models were doing their catwalk thingymajig showing off the new Panasonic Beauty products one by one.

The ambassador, Marion Caunter along with famous hairstylist and beauty consultant on stage for an interview with Xandria Ooi.

the girls with Marion. Thats all goodnight!


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