Paradise Dynasty in Paradigm Mall, Super Yummy Xiao Long Bao & More! [Part 1]

So a few days back some of us went to makan makan at Paradise Dynasty in Paradigm Mall. This place is famous for their 8-flavours Xiao Long Bao.. which is one of the first in the world to have this.
But of course we didnt just eat that la.. we ordered lots of other dishes as well. Wanna see? Scroll down a bit and you will be welcomed with all the yummy dishes from the restaurant.

As usual, an intro photo of the place. Hahah

First up, we have the 8-flavours Xiao Long Bao! The different colours represent the flavours; original, crab roe, cheese, garlic, ginseng, sze chuan , foie gras and black truffle. [RM23.80]
The skin of the ‘bao’ is just right.. not to thick and not too thin, and the pork inside is very tasty along with the oozing soup when you bite the bao.. every bite is like heaven ahahha

Then we had this chilled eggs loaf that is made out of 3 types of eggs! It’s one of the best dishes we tried that day. Wanna know what are the 3 eggs? You will have to go try and find out 😀 [RM12.80]

This was probably my 2nd time eating jelly fish. It’s crunchy. [RM13.80]

I ordered this drunken chicken. Didn’t really like this one as the wine is too strong and it sort of took away the taste out of the chicken. [RM16.00]

We were told that everyone who dines at the restaurant orders this radish pastry. We then realised that it was really really nice. The pastry is fluffy and crispy and the radish is warm and juicy. Perfect! [RM7.80]

Next up, pan fried pork dumplings! Crispy on the bottom and soft on the top, juicy miced pork meat on the inside just gives us an awesome feeling. [RM7.80]

We got to taste their la mien without the soup first, as they would want us to experience how tangy it is originally. It’s prepared by Chef Ge Sheng from China with 20 years experience. Amazing.

PART 2: Shanghai Fried Rice, LaMien, Jelly Fish & More At Paradise Dynasty, Paradigm Mall!

Lot 1F-15, Paradigm Shopping Mall,
No.1, Jalan SS7/26A,
47301 Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603 7887 5022


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