Parra Aino Wedding


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Just came back from a full day shoot of Darren and Eva’s wedding day. Here’s a photo from the morning session.

High key wedding shoot. Heh. More photos in February!


I got the Sony Ericsson Aino for review recently and here’s a shot of it along with the Nokia N96 and iPhone 3Gs.

If u r planning to get the Aino, wait for my review which will be up soon! 😀


Check out my PARRA desktop. Don’t know what PARRA is? Google it. 😀



  1. beN

    Yes, I love Parra artwork

    smashpOp Replies:

    me tooooo lol

  2. ndru

    lovely wallpapers by parra

    smashpOp Replies:

    wow ndru! ur here! ehehe

  3. ndru

    always here but often i dun comment. have a nice day.

  4. DSvT

    So colorful Desktop~

  5. andrew

    Kanasai copy kau my parra………!!!

  6. davetiyesi

    Dugun dvetaiyesi, wedding crad

  7. davetiyesi

    dugun davetiyesi ve wedding card

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    […] my posts about my desktop at work with all PARRA […]

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    Wow-Amazing Blog- Wow -Thanks for all the great information and i love the pictures, thanks for sharing this blog.

  10. weddings

    I love the desktop wallpaper. Not a boring one that will help you fall asleep while working 😀 Thanks for sharing and I will definitely google the Parra thing. 😀

  11. Essex Wedding Venues

    Some great wedding shots here. Makes me look forward to my wedding day that little bit more! Very excited about it as it is. Thanks for sharing.

  12. boston wedding photographer

    I really wanted to have my owned iPhone and I hope someday hubby will buy me one this year or probably next year because I am getting envy of my friend’s iPhone.

  13. boston wedding photographer

    Can I have all those gadgets including that Ipod? hehe. Honestly I like the wall paper used in the desktop. I find it attractive and entertaining. Hope I can have one like that/

  14. Lari Iposhk

    Nice gadgets you have there.. Your photo are also good, nice composition. Good job!

  15. wedding photography

    I love your parra desktop! And all those gadgets, wow! I love your article.

  16. Sabrina - wedding photography

    I’ve always loved taking candid shots of special moments. I think true emotions are better captured this way. Great job on the couple’s photo! It’s a candid shot, right? 😉

  17. Riccardo

    Very interesting. I found your blog on yahoo and will bookmark it now. Keep up the great work.

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