Party With Anthony Neely @ Puma Social Finale!

So here are more party photos from Sunway Giza

Xiang and Chammaine came and joined us!

Dennis and the ECX crew were enjoying the free flow hapy juice 😀

Dance, models and more performances on stage!

John and I wearing the same jacket yo! Must take photo lol

Oh no! typed her name wrongly. It’s CHRISTY! lol

Anthony Neely then went on stage. Interviewed by 2 MyFM hosts

He performed a few songs that night and the party continued. 😀



  1. CindyC

    i like ! 😉

  2. ahlost

    dunno who Anthony is.. but.. ya.. he’s cute..

    and the first picha.. the girl got nice abs 🙂

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah he is artists from taiwan .. quite famous wo apparently

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