Pasta Zanmai Jr

Back in December, Wenzi and friends came to KL for a few days and I met up with them at Carl’s Jr Pavilion.

The moment I arrived, they were already eating so I quickly ordered and joined them.

We finally managed to finish the food.. and started taking some photos.

Wenzi’s friends, Pei Pei and Radius… both also from Penang.

A group shot before we left.

Then last month, Edmond came back from Taiwan so we went for dinner at Pasta Zanmai Midvalley.

We ordered these…

I damn like Pasta Zanmai… ahahhaha the food damn nice….

Oh this is Edmond.

… and me of course.. heh.



  1. EVo

    Radius is a damn cool name and peipei is a damn hot chick lol.

    Looking forward to ur march design man..waiting to learn more from u! 😉

  2. Edmond

    Weh..u remember the foods name @@
    somemore take pictures nicer than mine -__-+

  3. Wing Loon

    …both the carl’s jr & pasta zanmai are delicious, can’t wait for your Mar theme, 😀

  4. James

    Those pastas look delicious…

  5. Poker

    Wow just looking at the pics I get hungry!
    So nice pizza! 😀

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