Pavilion ah huh

last week I met up with Shawn, Shiamink and Kwai at Pavilion cos they wanted to try J.CO…

They tried Big apple and now they wanna try this Indonesian donuts… ahha

Bought donuts.. found ourselves some cozy seats… and we started camhoring. lol

Damn love the wall! I wanna paint my room brown too. ahah

ok another photo and we can feast!!

how can i forget… the yummymummy donuts… must let them pose a bit in the box also.

after eating…. we walked over to LOT 10 Topman cos the one in Pavilion no sale(why? how come?)

after that we were deciding if we should walk back to Pavilion.

shot in DVD quality using my Nokia N95

come come n have a look at the decision process hahaha a bit lame tho… -_-”

ok now who can guess whats comin up tomoro? lol


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