Pavilion Jump

3 weeks ago (wahrao.. damn outdated post) I went to the brand new shopping mall in KL, called Pavilion, to have a look.

Went there with my parents so I didnt expect to be able to shoot that many photos.

the only part that I think was worth shooting was the center court which is called Bintang Circle.

Pavilion KL is actually a mall for average local shoppers, tourists and also upmarket customers.

They have brands that were not in Malaysia before this, like J.CO Donuts, Pull and Bear, Mooks, Thomas Pink and Angus Steak House.

Mum wanted to have sushi for dinner so we went to this place called.. erm.. something la.. i forgot the name.. lol 3 weeks ago okay!

ya… n then we walked out the mall cos I wanted to take a shot of the main entrance.

There I met Eugene, Fattien, Ahkwong, Eri.. and another friend.

I jumped with Eugene.

Thanks Eri for snapping and thanks Fattien for holding the wireless flash.

ok anyways… lets talk about my favourite outlet in the whole building.

J.CO!!!!!!!!!!! I first tried their donuts when I was in Bandung, Indonesia few months back and I fell inlove straight away….

I thought… I could never taste those sponge like donuts anymore…


I ordered Tiramisu and Crispy Donuts… and also 2 drinks.

I was shocked when 2 Glazy Donuts came with my drinks. So I asked the Indonesian looking crew.

pOp: hi.. err.. i didnt order these…

staff: oh those r free.. cos your ordered 2 drinks… so u get 2 free donuts.

pOp: ahhaa okay… thanks… btw.. you sound like ur from Indonesia… are you?

staff: ya ya im from Jakarta..

pOp: oh! no wonder! ahah I tried JCO before when I was in Bandung.

staff: ya ya we have a branch there. Thanks for supporting.

lol anyways..

The next time you come to Pavilion…. please come to J.Co…

cos J.CO is ROX! lol


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