Penang! Ayam Kambing!

… coming with Douglas, Josh, Aaron and Maverick

2 weeks ago, Jen, Rames, Hikaru, Lim aka LanDou and I went to Jalan Alor for dinner.

after dinner… we felt like wanna eat chicken wings and there is this shop that is femes for its chicken wings.. so we went.

We arrived at Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wing shop and ordered 10 pairs.

While waiting…

White tshirt 1 and white tshirt 2

white tshirt 3 and white shirt 4

after a while… we got bored and we played DS

Chicken wing was then served and Jen was so happy to see those yummymummy wings. lol

she laffed non stop. lol

so yea…

chicken wings for you?


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